• Fri August 25, 2017 9:00 pm $12.00

    It’s been 2 years since this band has rolled through our doors. The phrase “Detroit trap pop” may not mean anything to you, but that’s just because you haven’t heard JAMAICAN QUEENS yet. The Detroit-based duo some how manages to combine southern trap beats and hazy synth-driven experimentalism to end up sounding something like the lovechild of Grizzly Bear and Young Jeezy. You don’t really want to know how it happened, but you definitely want to sit back and enjoy the end result. Their latest release Downers in 2015 was well received, and Popmatters saying “Every song on Downers is essential; there is no filler.” They headline tonight’s Shotwell Booking’s ‘Shotwell’s Last Stand’ set.

    SANTAH was born with their heads in the clouds and their feet stuck in the dirty ground. Luckily, right before they grew up for good, a tidal wave swept them up, quick as can be, and sent them teetering across the continent. They howled in confusion when that water came, arms all flailing, their faces purple as raisins. But they rolled back their eyes and just like that, they were in some holy home, right there in their own head, right there on that ocean, riding a wild and blurry-eyed vision, just being the most confused and luckiest crew to ever live or die in the whole goddamn world, just like that, all over the place.

    MY GOLD MASK is an indie group from Chicago that is made up of two members: Gretta Rochelle (Vocals, Drums) and Jack Armondo (Guitar, Backing Vocals). On record they play additional instruments. Self described as "two people who like to make music together. Gretta sings and plays drums. Jack plays a nylon string electric guitar. Together we like to make extrinsic pop. We hope you like it.”

    Operating within a mix of garage rock and punk, ¡VAMOS! sounds retro without slipping too deeply into the well of aural nostalgia. It works, and it helps the group (Will Wood, Ryan Murphy and Josh Lambert) find its place among a strong collection of local garage rock groups ranging from the Pitchfork-approved Twin Peaks to the uber-young upstarts Modern Vices.

    In an industry that prizes pigeonholes, FESS GRANDIOSE brings something new to the industry: versatility. Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, he began as a MC at 17. Now Fess is a triple threat: an MC, DJ, and producer. From the lyrics, to production, down to the scratching, Fess holds complete control of his music. He prides himself on passionately staying true to hip-hop while soulfully adding his own personal inspirations--classic rock, funk, electronica. DJing his own set while performing alongside live drums and keys are just part of the repertoire that sets him apart. Booking Fess in not just another rap performance; it's a grandiose event, where new school Hip-Hop meets vintage vibes. You'll be wondering what comes next…