• Wed July 5, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    KAREN MEAT is a pop rock project of Arin Eaton based between Des Moines and Iowa City. The band itself is a moody character, a sequined oversized sweater, crooning melodies and lyrics of a bored generation. She’s Drunk Like The Rest Of Us, Karen Meat’s November 2016 tape, steers away from her DSM band (Brad Turk, John Huffman) as Eaton collaborates with her business partner Dana Telsrow. It glitters with memorable beats, 60s-girl-pop inspired vocals, guitar solos by Dana, and coordinated outfits. Realistically, pop songs should be fun AND sad. KAREN MEAT embraces the power of rejection and depression as themes for her music and her upbeat tunes are gems of sarcasm and truth.

    Returning to us for this evening's shenanigans are DOGS AT LARGE, who recently recorded with local legends Treehouse Records and also released an EP titled It’s Nothing I’d Wear (classic title) at the end of last year. The cassette EP has a limited pressing of only 50 tapes so grab it while supplies last and be sure to check out their new single, "Purple Room" -- it's saxy-as-hell, no frickin doubt.

    Technically, MOM AND DAD is of course a garage-rock band — but it’s insistent, catchy, upbeat music with undeniable power-pop melodies that could probably be called “happy” if they weren’t so youthfully angst-ridden. The trio's March 2017 release, I Am, Therefore I Is, is, in the words of LEO Weekly, "guitar-centric with prog and punk elements balanced in. It’s bouncy and bold, a fun romp with earnest themes, unflinchingly catchy through and through." As with their past album, it's folks expressing themselves viscerally and simply, and with an accessibility that we can all grab onto if we just pay attention.

    The alien known as COOKIE returns to open some good ol' "space punk" that none of us deserve, but we all need. Delicious!