• Sat December 2, 2017 9:00 pm $12 (advance), $15

    From the beautiful mind of CHAD VANGAALEN comes Light Information. The creative polymath’s sixth album will be released via Sub Pop worldwide on September 8th.

    While alienation has always been a theme of VanGaalen’s music, Light Information draws on a new kind of wisdom–and anxiety–gained as he watches his kids growing up. “Being a parent has given me a sort of alternate perspective, worrying about exposure to a new type of consciousness that’s happening through the internet,” he says. “I didn’t have that growing up, and I’m maybe trying to preserve a little bit of that selfishly for my kids."

    Light Information features the standouts “Old Heads” [listen on Spotify], “Pine & Clover,” and Mind Hijacker’s Curse.” As always, VanGaalen wrote, played, and produced all of the music on the album and designed the cover art. Light Information emerged from the experimental instruments that fill VanGaalen’s Calgary garage studio. Among them is a beloved Korg 770 monosynth, which VanGaalen coveted for years before fixing one up and devoting a lot of recent energy to recording “duets” with it. One of these, “Prep Piano and 770,” is the lone instrumental on Light Information, more atmosphere and chord bursts than the rest of the album’s hooky rock narrative.

    UN BLONDE is the creative alter ego of Montreal based man of many musical talents, Jean-Sebastian Audet. Through a rippling variety of multi-instrumentals, UN BLONDE releases tracks that have the underlining sounds of alternative rock mixed with avant-garde contemporary rhythms and hints of soul. The melodies have an enlightening effect to them, the lyrics soft and intimate, always giving the feeling that UN BLONDE knows something we don’t but is willing divulge. His latest album Good Will Come to You, released mid last year, is twenty-one songs strong and stocked full of some of Jean-Sebastian’s most interesting work yet. It was quietly released under the Egg Paper Factory label for a limited cassette release, later gaining attention and winning Audet a spot on the Polaris music prize list. With loads of personal material at his disposal, UN BLONDE could play for days If he wanted, but we’re happy to settle for one Saturday show. 

    Incessant, courageous and uplifting, indie rock group POOL HOLOGRAPH makes the journey to us after their last appearance here in January. Filled with emotion and epic sweeping guitar riffs, their blend of adventure rock is a sure shot method to raise your spirits and your day. Their latest record, Town Quarry, was recorded with local sound engineer extraordinaire Dave Vettraino who has worked with other Chicago powerhouses such as Lala Lala, Melkbelly and Ne-Hi. Veterans of the local DIY scene, we’re excited to bring POOL HOLOGRAPH in our walls to bring new life to their recordings.