• Sat August 19, 2017 9:00 pm $8 (advance), $10

    Reverb-heavy sludgey punks THE FUNS are local D.I.Y. heroes, having started their own cassette, vinyl and print label, Manic Static, that's known for its minimal-bordering-on-grisly aesthetic. Realistically, THE FUNS' music is without genre and having come up in basement/DIY/underground venues, the duo's dynamic, shape-shifting and multi-textural "rock" music is meant to be heard in a live (and loud) environment. They also refurbished a house famously known as Rose Raft just four hours south of Chicago that acts an artistic refuge of sorts for those who need a break from city living. They come to us tonight to support the release of their newest record, Is a Cult, off Maximum Pelt.

    Born from the ashes of noisy punk band TOTAL TRASH, Minneapolis three-piece WAVELESS w AU come to us for the first time with their atmospheric yet power driven post-punk. Their propulsive and incessant rhythm section keeps the tracks grounded while ethereal vocalists Hannah and Dustin open up the window to take off in a reverb soaked flight. Drown in the lush 90’s-esque fuzzed out rock monsoon that is WAVELESS w AU.

    DAYSEE, featuring members of now-defunct THE LIQS, are the druggier, shoegazier cousins of their predecessor. Characterized by discordant riffs and hazy repetitive melodies, each track simulates various states of psychedelia. They’ve self-released a bunch of tracks since the beginning of the year, with the most recent March single Nul and February EP Splash.

    Sludgy post-punk Duo PUSSY FOOT provides a lift-off to jarr you into the depths and blackness of space travel. Bring your moon boots, you’re in for a wild ride.

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