• Sat October 7, 2017 9:00 pm $14.00

    FRANKIE ROSE has quite a reputation for her minimal, MAUREEN TUCKER-like beats and iconic presence in buzz bands CRYSTAL STILTS, DUM DUM GIRLS and VIVIAN GIRLS. With her newest solo record, Interstellar out this year via Slumberland, FRANKIE has departed from the lo-fi garage, reverb-drenched SPECTOR-sound and instead embraced an icy blend of buffered beats, cascading chords and steely synths. It’s an electro-inspired indie-rock gem that Pitchfork hailed in their BNM review, stating ROSE “transports us further and takes us higher than she ever could have as the drummer of an indie pop revivalist band.”

    Combining indie pop with dreamy guitars and textural synths, SUBURBAN LIVING, the solo recording project of WESLEY BUNCH is due to release a sophomore EP, Give Up, this spring.  Since the inception of the Norfolk, VA-based project, BUNCH has recruited buddies to help bring the EP recordings to life.  Creating a sound that truly embodies the simple ennui and hopeful dreaming of the bands’ name, we can’t think of a better time of year to welcome these chill, gazey youngins to Chicago.

    (Pitchfork) (SPIN)