• Tue June 13, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    It's an all-Midwest garage and punk and everything in-between on this fine June night, and we expect you Chicago creeps to turnout in droves. NONNIE PARRY is a trio once described as "The laziest band in Chicago" and they hold it close to their heart. They make fuzzy, distorted lo-fi rock and have opened for the likes of THE PACK A.D. and L.A. WITCH, and once even hosted the epic Tropic Goth Winter Blast, years before "Beach Goth" was in vogue. Their latest single, "Karen Greenlee," is about the real life Karen Greenlee, who was known as an "unrepentant necrophile" and was arrested and convicted for robbing a hearse and having sexual contact with the dead body. Real light-hearted stuff!

    The night also features more noisy rockers from all corners of the dankest basements. THE DRACU-LAHS from Indiana bring tracks off their new EP, Too Drunk To Suck, out in early-June and recorded at Chicago's own Treehouse Records. If the title alone isn't telling enough, they surely won't... suck (sorry). The alien known as COOKIE returns for their first show since May 2006 with some good ol' "space punk." Iowa's BLUE MOVIES stand firmly behind their "fuhk jazz" platform and could literally sound like anything at any moment. Translation: They're a noise band... but they also have a horn in their recordings, so we can throw that whole "fuhk jazz" thing out the window. HEADWOUND RADIO will be DJing from the fancy Piano DJ Booth throughout the night. Good times, y'all.