• Sun June 4, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    Inspired by blues rock of yesteryear, GUN are barreling in from over yonder in the Indiana corn fields to show us how punk’s done out in their neck of the woods. These fellas kicked off 2017 with their new album Cornfed on Rusty Knuckles Records and they’ve been playing shows around the midwest nearly every weekend since. Drawing themes from Springsteen-era Americana and mixing it up in a batter of the scuzzy lo-fi midwestern punks love to hate to love, GUN whips up knockout rock ’n’ roll casserole you won’t soon forget.

    DAYSEE, featuring members of now-defunct THE LIQS, are the druggier, shoegazier cousins of their predecessor. Characterized by discordant riffs and hazy repetitive melodies, each track simulates various states of psychedelia. They’ve self-released a bunch of tracks since the beginning of the year, with the most recent March single Nul and February EP Splash.

    Kicking off the night, we’ve got locals ALOUETTE riding fresh off their brand-spanking-new EP Psychomotor. Describing themselves as “antisocial trash & noise,” this femme-fronted duo expertly toes the line between lo-fi garage and post-punk.