• Mon June 12, 2017 9:00 pm $12.00

    ESCORT is an American nu-disco band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Co-founded by Dan Balis and Eugene Cho, including lead vocalist Adeline Michèle, they slay the  modern, live dance music sound. In June 2006, after opting to move closer to house music's disco roots, ESCORT as launched with contemporary disco single Starlight. Three additional singles followed over the next 12 months: Love in Indigo (October 2006), A Bright New Life (February 2007), and All Through the Night (May 2007). Their fifth single didn't materialize until three years later, and by that time, ESCORT's performing lineup had  expanded to a total of 17 musicians, including horn and string sections. Cocaine Blues, realeased in 2012, also featured a new lead vocalist, ADELINE MICHELE, and served as a teaser for the band's first album, issued in November 2011. A handful of singles were self-released during 2013, 2014, and 2015 and led to their 2nd album, Animal Nature. which showed off ESCORT's remarkable knack for fusing and updating several strands of post-disco R&B.

    Returning to open is FEE LION, the witchy disco/art-pop project of musician and performer JUSTINA KAIRYTE. Looping acoustic and electric guitar lines with retro synths and drum machine rhythms, KAIRYTE's unique songwriting and fluttering vocals have made her a rising star around town. Hailed as a "one-woman electric dream-machine" by Midwest Action in a live review, FEE LION is not to be missed.

    Our pal DJ JILL HOPKINS will be kicking this party of with and keeping it going into the wee hours. Don't miss a second of it.