• Mon May 29, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    We last saw Chicago five-piece MODERN VICES open for Brooklyn, NYC's ACID DAD last April and we're tickled to have em back on this here Free Monday -- the perfect way to cap off a long holiday weekend. Noir in tone, their sound resides somewhere between late '50s croon and wet garage rock snarl. Their self-recorded, eponymous, LP dropped in 2015 via Los Angeles' Autumn Tone Records and is a romantic revolution that Aquarium Drunkard says owes "more to the heritage of the Modern Lovers and the Velvet Underground than the group harmonies of the Del-Vikings or the Flamingos." OHTIS tells the tale of frontman Sam Swinson's journey through indoctrination and addiction. Each song is an in-depth, yet endlessly inviting confession from his past battles with substance abuse and the religious demons lingering from his upbringing in a Christian cult. A collaboration that began with its two founding members still in high school, the group also features the talents of Adam Pressley, who would go on to form JAMAICAN QUEENS after OHTIS initially dissolved. Now reformed and splitting time between Detroit and LA, the group's dusty, contemplative country-Americana is fresher and more potent than ever. Opening is THE GLASS EYES, a Chicago trio that have been told numerous times they sound like Neil Young... and they are proud of it. The duo's released a shitload of material in the past five years, including four LPs and a three EPs, each expanding on their "anti-love, immodest, and not carefree" approach. The most recent full-length The Ocean's Over There, saw them grow into a three- or four-piece while pairing more anthemic "rock" songs alongside quieter introspections and studio experimentations. Show up early, you don't wanna miss what these fellas pull out of their hats tonight.