• Tue May 23, 2017 9:00 pm $8 advance, $10

    California natives COOL GHOULS play rock'n'roll. Their latest record, Animal Races (Empty Cellar Records), was released in August 2016. It reflects the discoveries they’ve made over the last five years about live performance, themselves, and each other. It's COOL GHOULS doing what they've always done, but in more ways and sharper than ever. ​Fans of their self-titled debut and 2014's​ A​ Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye will be similarly stoked to hear how this band has continued to evolve. If the first album was a celebratory debut, and the second an earnest venture into deeper waters, this third album is like the crystal born of the murky womb that was the second, fertilized by the initial intention of the first. Not only have the ghouls reaped the crop they sowed; they’ve baked it into some new kind of bread! SLUSHY returns with their delightfully guzzled-out, fuzzed-up jingle-jangles, made right here in beautiful Chicago. These sugar-fried bop-pop tunes are so god damn catchy that they'll stick with you long after you've left us all behind. Sunny melodies and wall-of-sound guitars are best paired with churros and chocolate milk, but we ain't no candy store, so whiskey and beer will have to do.