• Sat April 22, 2017 12:00 pm Free

    Come and hang with us at our 3rd Annual Hand Over Fist Release Party and Record Store Day Showcase @ The Empty Bottle! We once again hooked up with our friends at Reckless Records to brew a beer in celebration of one of our favorite music holidays, Record Store Day!

    Hand Over Fist is a light-bodied, all-malt lager named to honor the symbols of Reckless and Revolution. And, duh, to replace the show swill of yore.

    Doors open at noon and we will kickstart the day with an Intersectional Feminism Music Panel presented by The Inclusive Music Coalition.The panel will begin around 12:30-ish and discuss how intersectional feminism fits into the local Chicago scene- from DIY to professional levels, how these two things can work together, and what we can do both as individuals and as a community to elevate marginalized voices.... That'll be followed by DJ JILL HOPKINS and two of our favorite local bands, SO PRETTY and OOPS!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Bring your receipt from any Reckless Records location and receive $4 Hand Over Fist pints all day! The show is FREE and open to the public.. WE ARE SO EXCITED! CAN YOU TELL? SEE YOU THERE!