• Tue April 25, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    L.A. duo SURF CURSE are here to bring you a healthy dose of, wait for it, *surf* rock. It's their second time on the Bottle stage, and judging by the raw-energy of their show here back in August, we're all in for a damn treat. These are two dudes who dedicate their dreamy, lo-fi surfer jams to popular cult movies on all three of their releases - "Heathers" and "Pony Boy" can be found on Demos (Feb. 2013) and Buds (June 2013), plus "Reality Bites" on Bad Boys (October 2013). It wouldn't mean jack shit if the songs weren't instant classics... but they are... which is nice. TED TYRO of Louisville, KY is the neue-new-wave project of bassist Bart Swift. Swift combines the bouncy bass grooves of early Talking Heads with the experimental guitar work of past-progressives Adrian Belew and Neu. It all results in exactly the type of scrappy art pop that we love. File this one under retro-future-core dance-fi, of course! We’re excited to welcome back We’re excited to welcome back Chicago/Memphis trio COURTESY, returning with a set of dark, experimental ambient soundscapes that they fuse with club-ready drum n' bass bangers. They self-released their debut tape, Idmatic, and their latest album Slow Bruise was released in spring of 2015 on Oakland's Moon Glyph Records. Their latest record Hey is expected to be released summer 2017.