• Tue May 30, 2017 9:00 pm $7.00

    NATALIE CHAMI the woman behind the musical moniker TALSOUNDS is celebrating the release of her new LP "Love Sick" tonight and press has been loving her lately so you don't want to miss this! When Natalie isn't focused on her solo work, she spends time ripping in local experimental trio GOOD WILLSMITH. Wouldn't you know it we have a nother member of that trio also celebrating a record release tonight, none other than electronic mastermind MUKQS. SAM PREKOP’s 2015 album, The Republic, was released on Thrill Jockey Records, who say it showcases "PREKOP’s talent for creating expressive music through mechanical patterns, repetitions, and chance. Prekop’s innate gifts of melodic turns of phrase that have made him a revered songwriter are transferred into new forms in his synthesizer work.” Following Prekop’s Old Punch Card from 2010, The Republic is an expansion on his skill for melody and his ability to sway from harmony to dissonance. Joining in the celebration is  minimal synthstress, violist and singer WHITNEY JOHNSON, returning with her solo project MATCHESS. On record and in a live setting, JOHNSON bewitches listeners with a set of sparse rhythms, synthetic melodies, squealing guitar lines and heavily-affected vocals that combine to create an alien, futuristic sound. Be sure to snatch a copy of her excellent 2016 record, The Rafters, which was released on Austin's Monofonus Press.