• Mon July 10, 2017 9:00 pm $12.00

    The foundations of Brooklyn’s WOODS  lie in the small rear-house apartment bedroom of Jeremy Earl, who took to recording his eerily somber acoustic songs in 2005 as little more than a humble personal outlet. After two early albums and several singles which saw Earl still honing his sound, Woods released Songs of Shame in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim and offered the band a chance to develop their live sound on the back of a massive touring schedule.WOODS' latest album, Love is Love was written and recorded in the two months immediately following the election, but it’s not a record borne entirely of angry, knee-jerk reaction to what America is becoming. Instead, it’s a meditation on love, and on what life means now.

    Singer-songwriter JOHN ANDREWS released his first solo album (with his imaginary back up band THE YAWNS), Bit By The Fang, in 2015. Following a demanding 2014 schedule of writing, recording and touring with both QUILT (drums) and WOODS (keys), Andrews set up shop in his grandparents empty living room in Yardville, NJ to perform and record by himself. Warm acoustic guitars, honky tonk piano, lap steel, singing saw and fluttering violins all sing together and create this well crafted, yet comfortingly sloppy, psych-country/R&B record. A self-taught piano player, you’ll hear him maneuver around the keys with the precision of players well beyond his years.

    Joining on this balmy July evening is MOON BROS, the experimental folk project of guitarist MATTHEW SCHNEIDER. Combining pedal steel, guitar and vocals with drones and occasional bursts of noise, MOON BROS. is back-porch music for the most warped and twisted minds in Chicago, and the beyond.

    (Chicagoist) (Reader)