• Wed April 26, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    Last spring we hosted Chicago-based experimental/drone/ambient artist MELVIN HENRY as first of three on an out-of-this-world bill of sonic mindfuckery. We've been jonsing to get Mr. Henry back on our stage and we've finally got the chance to welcome his electric-drone sonic theatrics back to our stage. Dude's been dropping new collections at an outragous pace and released his most recent collection, Black Witch Temple, back in November of last year. COLOR TELEVISION is the brainchild of Chicago multi-instrumentalist, producer, and electronic artist, Hayden Beck. The wizardly super-producer pairs future beats and hip-hop influences with electro-infused soundscapes that'll twist your brains inside and out. Sorry about your brains! Chicago's NIGHTLIFE brings the ambient down-tempo to get the night started in the chillest way imaginable. That sentence may seems confusing -- just go with it.