• Wed May 31, 2017 9:00 pm $10 advance, $12

    Read it an weep, babies. Not one, not two, but THREE record releases on this fine Wednesday night.

    TARA TERRA, indie rock band from Chicago and Champaign, IL, doesn’t settle down. Since their debut album Daughter in 2014, they’ve toured the U.S. twice, appeared on Audiotree Live, and played consistently packed shows in their home cities. Their unique mix of dynamic guitar textures and eclectic pop vocals (think Maggie Rogers or Phox) is just the beginning, with a new album coming your way that we're partying about TONIGHT!. For now, catch their infectious indie vibes through their Daytrotter session (via Paste Magazine).

    MATTHAUS began as a project of composer Ben Montalbano of Chicago, Illinois and is a chamber folk band with roots also in St. Paul. This group aims to capture the thoughtfulness and expressivity of contemporary classical music while maintaining a place in the world of rock and folk.A fter a debut performance featuring a nine-piece ensemble, the group has continued to play with the size-and makeup of the group. Performances have consisted of Montalbano solo, as well as numerous combinations of instrumentalists. This show celebrats the relase of their debut EP, Effigy, coming May of 2017. 

    DAN DURLEY is a folk-indie singer-songwriter from Chicago who is also a member of the band THE 92's. Tonight we're cheersing to the debut of his solo album!