• Sun May 7, 2017 9:00 pm $8.00

    LASER BACKGROUND is the ambient/experimental project of Philadelphia-based DIY artist Andy Molholt. His latest album, Current, dropped last May. As Stereogum says: "With a variety of sounds and delicate production, Molholt has created a work that revels in its artistic weirdness. Though there may be no such thing as a trip down the rabbit hole, Correct is an exciting voyage nonetheless."

    THE HECKS are a rock ensemble set on reviving short-form songs with heterophonic jabs from their busted, misstrung guitar collection. Their enduring interest is in the manipulation of form-based musical tropes, which yields succinct but engaging bursts of sculpted pentatonic structure, sleek and textured instrumental passages, or atonal rhythmic nonsense.

    The term ‘NORWEGIAN ARMS', according to front-person and sole founding member Keith Birthday, describes the act of “grabbing slivers of fleeting moments across the globe, but in a self-deprecating way.” Throughout the band’s existence, Birthday has done just that. The band’s debut record 'Wolf Like a Stray Dog' captured a year of frozen solitude spent in the Siberian taiga. NORWEGIAN ARMS new album 'Girard Freeloader' (out this past January on Mutual Crush) applies this concept to the entire world.

    Opening this evening is MICHAEL HILGER, multi-faceted Chicago artist and founding member of THIN HYMNS.