• Sat May 6, 2017 9:00 pm $8.00

    Our pals CROWN LARKS are back for the first time since opening for E during a Free Monday in December. We’re always more than excited for their hypnotic, noisy chemistry! This time around, we’ll be celebrating the release of their new LP, Population. With Population, this "co-ed unit of electro-jazz shapeshifters” (The Village Voice) takes a hard turn into jagged, polyrhythmic post punk, machine-tooled no wave, and eccentric, noisy art rock – with a little of their earlier free jazz-inflected krautrock thrown in for good measure. Underground Chicago punk heroes ONO are a legendary act that shows an ability to amaze and discombobulate even the most adventurous live music fan. They've remained outsiders in a sea of outsiders, and if you've seen ‘em before you know what to expect: Sparse electronic beats, saxophone skronk, theatrical vocals and oddball bass riffs. BLACKERFACE is an afropunk/punk/blues/rock act from Oberlin, Ohio, performing on our stage for their first time tonight. Opening the evening is industrial synth duo GRUN WASSER, here to unearth emotions from a place of darkness.