• Thu April 20, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    Oh baby, it's 4/20 and we've got a Joint Record Release Show (get it? do you get it, guys?) with some of the scrappiest rock & rollers this city has to offer. Headlining is THE BINGERS, a garage-punk trio who've traded in their old surf boards to ride gators around the swampy Chicago underbelly. The Brothers Appert and their associate Jack Callahan have taken their fuzzed-out rock to the next level on their new LP, so get ready for an onslaught of sound that'll kick your butt into next Tuesday. Local five-piece PEACH FUZZ has been stirring shit up around town, serving that good ol' Rock & Roll with two capital Rs. The kids are going nutty for their organ-drenched tunes that are catchier-than-the-plague and they've got that fresh EP that's ripe for you to pick off the record tree on your way out. Just make sure you ask Cam to sign it. Kicking this shit off is lysergic pop-rock ensemble GLYDERS. They're chooglin’ on down here for the first time since opening that sold out LEMON TWIGS way back in January and they've released some damn fine tunes on ol’ Tall Pat Records. It’s damn good and the locals are just eating GLYDERS up, so get here early and stay late. Maybe just never leave.