• Sun April 23, 2017 8:00 pm $12.00

    CHEETAH CHROME is a classic master of punk rock who achieved fame as a guitarist for ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS and the DEAD BOYS. After the DEAD BOYS broke up, CHEETAH played around New York City doing shows with the STILLETOS as well as his own band CHEETAH CHROME AND THE CASUALTIES. This evening, he is joined by original DEAD BOYS drummer Johnny Blitz, performing the band's acclaimed studio album Young Loud & Snotty -- this will surely be legendary, so don't miss it! Last time we saw THE EVICTIONS, a band formerly known as THE LUCKS (pronounced "Da'Lucks"), was the realased of the 4-Way Freakout!! (vol 3)  compliation tape in 2015. The trio blends punk and 60s garage with alternating vocals and invite audience participation to bring back rock'n'roll's most essential ingredient: FUN!!! Please don't forget the fun. The psychedelic post-punk, surf sludge, cosmic love-fuck that is VIETRAHM provides you with the Rock and Roll for your grandparents to waltz to on acid. Need we say more?