• Mon April 24, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    ADT (American District Telegraphy) is a Chicago improv/skronk, “fake jazz” troupe supergroup consisting of a cast of musicians from some of the city’s most inventive noise makers: Jake Acosta, Kyle Drouin & Johnny D; ADT is a free-for-all exploration of electronics, free jazz, drone, krautrock, ambient, & whatever else you want to hear in it. Ben Billington & Whitney Allen joined the group in late 2013. Coming in hot is PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SYNDICATE, led by the inimitable STEVE KRAKOW and propelled by a pizza-fueled monster on bass. The band’s loud and spazzy solid gold spans from cavern-aged punk to lonely, hollowed-out psych/folk – further proof that MR. KRAKOW and co. sure know how to get weird in all the right places. LUTHERAN brings atmospheric meditations of krautrock and psych, with reverse effects and disembodied vocals in an extended format of guitars and keys from stretched to glacial extremes. Bringing mesmerizing and sometimes foreboding minimalism, this is their first time hitting the Bottle stage.