• Mon March 6, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Reverb-heavy sludgey punks THE FUNS are local D.I.Y. heroes, having started their own cassette, vinyl and print label, Manic Static, that's known for its minimal-bordering-on-grisly aesthetic. Realistically, THE FUNS' music is without genre and having come up in basement/DIY/underground venues, the duo's dynamic, shape-shifting and multi-textural "rock" music is meant to be heard in a live (and loud) environment. They also refurbished a house four hours south of Chicago that acts an artistic refuge of sorts for those who need a break from city living. Come catch our pals CLEARANCE before they kick off on tour! We're always happy to have their unique take on throwback, indie-rock with a lo-fi vibe on the EB stage. The group released its debut LP Rapid Rewards in September 2015 via Tall Pat Records and Unsatisfied Records. Are You Aware -- another 7" released on Tall Pat -- followed in 2016. Taking equal cues from the Flying Nun school of arty guitar pop, classic British post-punk and otherwise VELVETS-indebted rock, the band mixes eras and styles with ease, resulting in a tightly focused but coolly off-the-cuff sound that appeals to rock nerds of all stripes and sizes. Returning to set this piece ablaze is WÜLFPAC, the collaboration between JOE SCHORGL of THE SUEVES/SKIP CHURCH and JAMES SWANBERG of THE LEMONS/TODAY'S HITS. So, a band spawned from other bands that we know we dig?! Guaranteed good times for all. Kicking off this rad Free Monday evening is the cool cats from Permanent Records, kicking it behind the DJ booth.


    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. $2 PBR Drafts every Monday!