• Thu February 23, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    Tonight we've got the first ever Thalia Hall Staff Infection! Some of our wildly talent friends down in Pilsen are gettin' in the van and travelin' north to play the lil old Empty Bottle stage. This bonkers $5 show highlights the eclectic tastes and talents of Pilsen's finest historic landmark venue!

    Chicago trio OOPS play a blend of grunge-y indie-rock and melodic, poppy punk for the 21st century millennial boomers. This three-headed beast is guaranteed to knock you on your ass with their buzzsaw guitars, propulsive rhythms and throat-shredding vocals. Last year they opened the FAT WHITE FAMILY/DILLY DALLY show and we're excited to witness the band's raw power once again. Kicking the evening into high gear is the FALCOR 3, headed by local tall guy heartthrob PETE FALCOR, finally returning home to his family. His Uncle Stevie says, "these guys really rock!" If Uncle Stevie says it, it's gotta be true. Our very own BRUCE LAMONT is taking a break from his many other projects - YAKUZA, CORRECTIONS HOUSE, BLOODIEST, LED ZEP 2, etc. - to return to our stage for the first time last year (solo, that is). SPIN Magazine called LAMONT'S 2011 album, Feral Songs for the Epic Decline, an "unholy army" of looped saxophones, guitars, electronics and vocals combine for what SPIN calls "a dissonant, ritualistic swirl of Middle Eastern scales, mystery slams, ghostly moans, snaking reed work and acoustic guitars... equal parts bustling and bleak."