• Thu February 16, 2017 9:00 pm $10.00

    When NAOMI PUNK's debut LP The Feeling came out in Spring 2012 on Couple Skate Records, it felt new and unpretentious. Not in the sense that it was without influence. There’s plenty to pick apart in their music.  NAOMI PUNK has developed a devoted following. It’s no surprise either, tracks like “Voodoo Trust” sneak up on you. It burrows into your brain — the chorus knocking around your ears way before you even figure out what they’re singing. Considering the way the music world is today, you’d expect a bunch of young Seattle dudes to get extra weird, if only because they can, but NAOMI PUNK take a different route, constructing brawny, anthemic rock songs that’ll make every kid that hears them want to start their own band, if even half of them are this good, music will be in a pretty great place. PC WORSHIP is a band, solo project & collective of musicians, trimming steadily on the outskirts of punk, while enlisting methods of new music and free improvisation. Aesthetically the band is uncommitted and explorative, basing the generalized musical direction on artistic expression and the commitment to creative self fulfillment. "PC" is a catalyst for ambiguity, as the acronym evokes futuristic, nihilistic, political, referential or even religious imagery. Much in the same way, the creative output is perpetuated by the limitless possibilities of musical composition, ranging from repetitive single chord minimalism or basic pop song structures to chaotic, translucent, hell-bent free grunge & entire tracks consisting of only manipulated tape or through composed horn sections. The desire for decisive ambiguity and conceptual freedom work to create a unified aesthetic statement that is very definitively, PC WORSHIP. Left-field hardcore vets THE BUG are coming back to infest us all with a set of contentious, screeching noise. The Chicago veterans last played here in July opening for SHEER MAG, so you can bet they're frothing at the mouth to unleash another set of maddening, real-fucking-deal punk upon the unsuspecting masses.