• Tue January 17, 2017 9:00 pm $10.00

    DRAB MAJESTY began as a warbled transmission received via 4-track cassette in a dim, Los Angeles bedroom in 2012. The entity known as Deb Demure, an interdimensional muse of sorts, lent an otherworldly vision to a human contact; one to be realized through meticulously composed lo-fi recordings. Focusing on the aesthetics of cult ritual and the devastating power of music, Deb sought an alternative way to share the cosmic agenda. Culminating in a cassette titled Unarian Dances, DRAB MAJESTY's manifesto was to revel in the power of artistic influences that reside beyond the self. The DRAB MAJESTY debut LP, 2015's Careless, has blown through nearly three pressings and remains a fixture in LA’s somber yet sublime nightlife. January of 2017 will see the release of Deb’s second album entitled The Demonstration, recorded by Josh Eustis (NIN, TELEFON TEL AVIV). Receive Deb's newest transmission tonight and ascend to a higher consciousness. Holy moly, Chicago duo GRÜN WASSER are returning to our stage exactly one year after making their Bottle debut! One of the most exciting new bands to emerge out of the city in the past year, the group explores the noisier leanings of industrial synth pop, unearthing emotions from a place of utter darkness. It's "expression through the feeling and color of a specific moment," as the band so eloquently states. Local outfit NEW CANYONS returns to deliver their extremely likeable take on melodramatic, icy synth pop. The duo has been dominating the Windy City since they're debut album, Everyone is Dark (too true). A little electronic mixed with a little shoegaze, they've blown us away more than once and we're thrilled to have them back. Our pal DJ PHILLY PEROXIDE returns to spin dark and synthy tunes throughout the night.