• Fri January 13, 2017 9:00 pm $8.00

    Returning to the Bottle to headline this fine Friday night is Chicago's DEEPER, who started in 2014 as a shimmering dream-pop four-piece and have since adopted a fuller, more nuanced sound with a stronger focus on guitar interplay and driving rhythms. On their excellent Fire Talk debut, "Trans," released this past May, DEEPER channels the anxiety and uneasiness of modern life by weaving chiming guitar swirls to a dense climax. We're expecting big things outta these fellas in 2017 and tonight's packed-to-the-gills show is a great way to kick off the year. Cincinnati basement pop quartet CROSS COUNTRY makes their Empty Bottle debut this evening. Composed of Ezra Saulnier, Thom Meyer, Emily McColgan, & John Clooney, this crew dropped their most recent tape, Trials, in September via the esteemed Infinity Cat. Our pals from CLEARANCE are back at it and they’re offering a unique take on throwback, indie-rock with a lo-fi vibe. Tall Pat released their debut LP, Rapid Rewards, in late September of 2015 and it had the kids at Stereogum going nuts for their first single, “You’ve Been Pre-Approved.” Taking equal cues from the Flying Nun school of arty guitar pop, classic British post-punk and otherwise VELVETS-indebted rock, the band mixes eras and styles with ease, resulting in a tightly focused but coolly off-the-cuff sound that appeals to rock nerds of all stripes and sizes. POOL HOLOGRAPH is a local group we're old pals with. Their music is filled with noisy melodic post-punk. We’re hooked on the stuff - every time they hit our stage they bring their records to life in new and interesting ways.