• Wed March 1, 2017 9:00 pm $10.00

    We are extremely priviliged to host psychadelic-punk five-piece DEATH BY UNGA BUNGA during their first Chicago visit. The band, coming atcha from Moss, Norway, has hit New York, L.A., and SXSW, but have never landed in this fair windy city. Their latest EP, Fight!, dropped in September via Norwegian lable Jansen Plateproduksjon. Stereogum called the title track "an infectious blast of crunchy riffage that culminates in a pleasure-center bullseye of a guitar solo." Whoa baby. MIDNIGHT RERUNS is a Milwaukee-based rock & roll band doing the best they can and, chances are, they're doing a whole lot better than you are. Snotty, loud power-pop for the pill-popping maniacs of the Midwest, these four bad dads write soaring, rip-roaring punk anthems that'll leave you gasping for air. Back for their second ever Bottle performance is CITY SLANG, a band seasoned in the Chicago rock world. Members have gained experience in bands such as DECAY AFTER DEATH, WHITE ROSE, WHEELS ON FIRE, and CEMETERY.