• Mon August 1, 2016 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Returning for their first show since March 2015 is LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS, an avant-rock collective led by artist GREGORY JACOBSEN and bassist ALEX PERKOLUP. Using JACOBSEN's grotesque paintings as a basis, they write theatrical suites that transform child-like musical motifs into alien and frightening charges of dissonance, tangled polyrhythms and Catholic Church ceremony seriousness. We're celebrating their latest record release this evening, and could not be more stoked. Incorporating experimental performance art, noise music and rock & roll, BOBBY CONN has been a staple of the experimental rock community for the better part of the past two decades and is known for his viciously catchy and elaborate charades. In the words of Tiny Mix Tapes, “much like macaroni, Chicago music fixture BOBBY CONN is always there for you. Propulsive post-punk band WALKING BICYCLES will be returning to our stage and we're stoked to have them back. Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2004, their first record, a six-song self-titled EP of dark and peculiar music was released in 2005 (which is currently 11 years ago - WHOA). They then moved to Chicago and now have four releases under their belt(s) plus what SPIN describes as a “Dynamic, genre defying act.”Kicking this evening into gear is CHORUS OF SHADOWS, the latest audo noir project from BALTHAZAR DE LEY (HUM, MENTHOL, LA SCALA).